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Beat Furrer, Presto
Eva Furrer, Marino Formenti

Beat Furrer, ira-arca
Eva Furrer, Uli Fussenegger

Beat Furrer, Invocation VI
Petra Hoffmann, Eva Furrer

Beat Furrer, Fama VI
Isabel Menke, Eva Furrer

Beat Furrer, auf tönernen Füssen
Mira Tscherne, Eva Furrer

Peter Eötvös, Shadows I
Eva Furrer, Bernhard Zachhuber,
Klangforum Wien

Peter Eötvös, Shadows II
Artist: Eva Furrer Artist: Bernhard Zachhuber 
Klangforum Wien 

Misato Mochizuki, Intermezzi
Eva Furrer, Marino Formenti

Misato Mochizuki, All That Is Including Me
Eva Furrer, Sophie Schafleitner, Bernhard Zachhuber,

Olga Neuwirth, Construction in Space (2000)
Construction in Space, for 4 soloists, 4 ensemble groups and live-electronics  | Eva Furrer (bass flute) Ernesto Molinari (bass and double bass clarinet) Rico Gubler (saxophones) Hannes Haider (tuba)  | Klangforum Wien Emilio Pomàrico (conductor)  | Peter Böhm (live-electronics)

Luigi Nono, Das atmende Klarsein
Eva Furrer, Peter Böhm, Rupert Huber
SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart

Hèctor Parra, Moins qu’un souffle, à peine un mouvement de l’air

Klangforum Wien, Eva Furrer, Clement Power 

Steirischer Herbst, 2012

Hans Zender, Music To Hear, Muji no kyō
Artist: Julie Moffat Artist: Eva Furrer Artist: Katrina Emtage 
Conductor: Hans Zender 
Ensemble: Klangforum Wien  
℗ 2000 Kairos

Muji no kyo
Annette Bik · Eva Furrer · Klangforum Wien · Johann Leutgeb · Florian Müller · Hans Zender 

Music to Hear
Katrina Emtage · Eva Furrer · Klangforum Wien · Julie Moffat · Hans Zender 

Georges Aperghis, Luna Park, 2011

Luna Park» is a musical theater piece of about one hour, composed by Georges Aperghis, set design by Daniel Levy, and whose computer music design has been realized by Grégory Beller. The piece, on its use of technology at different levels, uses concatenative synthesis paradigms both in its formal design and deployed processes. Thanks to live computer processes, concatenative synthesis and prosodic transformations of voice are manipuled, and controlled by gesture data incoming from accelerometer sensors made specifically for the piece. The world premier of “Luna Park” took place in Paris, at IRCAM’s Espace de Projection, on June 10th 2011 and during the 2011 edition of Ircam’s Agora Festival. The four performers of this premier were Eva Furrer (on flute, Octabase and voice), Johanne Saunier (voice and danse), Mike Schmidt (base flute and voice), and Richard Dubelsky (air percussion and voice). In “Luna Park”, the percussionist Richard Dubelsky literally speaks with his hand gestures performing Spokhands, a new system developed for the piece.

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