Flute Master Class in St.Lambrecht | August 14-20, 2021

Day and time
Sat. 4:00 p.m. to Fr. 2:00 p.m.

€ 350 course fee
€ 340 accommodation (full board, seminar house flat rate)

Workshop leader
Eva Furrer

Language of instruction

Stift St.Lambrecht
A-8813 St.Lambrecht, Hauptstraße 1

Arrival: By train to Mariahof-St.Lambrecht (8 km to the venue, bus or taxi about €25.-)

Further information and registration:
eva@lujongzentrum.at or +43 69911313655 (Eva Furrer)

Registration deadline: 28 June 2021

Beyond Instrument

  • Body - Mind - Breathing - Sound
  • Development of contemporary solo flute literature

Lu Jong - Tibetan Healing Yoga

  • Meditation - How does the mind work? - Mindfulness, alertness and awareness when making music
  • Breathing exercises
  • Questions and answers
  • Final concert

Call for Miniatures for Flute - Call for Composition Students

Studying and playing contemporary music requires curiosity, passion and - above all - time.

For many flutists, the study of contemporary playing techniques and pieces is still an exhausting and discouraging process. Contemporary solo literature for flute often asks for intense reading and studying commitments that are inherently time-consuming.

In order to accelerate this process and to become more readily familiar with the material, short solo pieces would be most helpful;
preferably using 2-3 contemporary playing techniques each.

All submissions will be considered with feedback.

On the occasion of performances, the respective composers will, of course, be informed.